The Batuques de Pernambuco its a ritmical group of the historic city of Olinda, in the brazilian state of Pernambuco.

Founded by Guilherme Montarroyos since 2004, the group play in the neighborhood of Carmo square by the sundays.

The show of the Batuques de Pernambuco its a great oportunity to see and enjoy the ritm,s and sound,s of pernambuco culture.

With 70 drum players and directed by Guilherme Montarroyos and Amanda Tenório the Batuques de Pernambuco offering percussion workshops of ritms, drums and dance.

The group play in the carnival of Olinda, a popular street party, very similar to traditional portuguese carnivals, with the addition of african,s influenced dances.

Maracatu is a term common to two distinct performance genres found in Pernambuco. Maracatu also designates the music style that accompanies these performances.

The musical ensemble of the Batuques de Pernambuco consists of alfaia, gonguê (a metal cowbell), caixa-de-guerra and agbê.

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